Welcome to The Ape Society
About the Society
The Ape Society is a collection of 7,000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain. Claim an ape by minting or purchasing through a secondary marketplace, and stake your place in our exclusive community.
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Starting with our initial drop, we aim to create some of the most unique and artistic experiences on the blockchain.
Certified holders are given access to both the team-supported Society and the community-run DAO -- each of which comes with unique benefits, events, and more.
In collaboration with the DAO and the larger ADA community, we aim to support builders, evangelists, and those with creative ideas that can push the entire community forward.
Our Art
Our 7,000 characters each have a unique design generated from a set of traits. Some attributes are rarer than others, but every ape has its own sense of style and purpose.

Only a small percentage of our unique attributes have been revealed, so stay tuned to this website, or Discord, or Twitter for sneak peaks at more apes and attributes.
Long ago, there was a world full of unrefined, barbaric apes. They would consistently attack others with no regard for consequence. In times of surplus, they would accumulate more and more and more. In times of shortage, they would inject fear, uncertainty, and doubt everywhere they went, quickly selling all of their valuables in a panic. Instead of giving themselves names, they would refer to each other by number.  It was every ape for themselves, and the concept of family and community was nowhere to be found.

One day, a young ape decided that he wanted to see change.  He gave himself a name: Giambuono de’ Medici.  Giambuono realized that every ape for themselves was not something that could sustain growth and progress. He toiled over this thought, gained a following, and when he came of age created what is now known as The Ape Society.  He split his following into 7 classes — nobles, royal advisors, military officers, merchants, explorers, artists, and craftsmen — each of which was necessary for the society to survive and prosper.  As time progressed, these 7 classes were grouped into 35 families, each with their own story of emergence and promise for the future.  That future begins now.
- Existing Apes are Whitelisted for a Cabin Plot in The Society
- Cabins are 3D High Resolution Customizable Rooms with functionality
- Purchase & Upgrade Frames with the $SOCIETY token
- Add utility and aesthetic designs by buying tables, chairs, floors, billiards tables, gramophones, and more
- Advertise your brand or something you are part of through your cabin
The Ape Society Token $SOCIETY
$SOCIETY is a utility token that is the root of The Ape Society. No great society can exist without the unit of currency that unites it. Giambuono employed his dutiful merchants to create a standard that future members could use as a form of exchange. $SOCIETY can be saved and redeemed for in-gallery improvements, merchandise, as a form of exchange, and future benefit as the Society grows.

Whoever has the gold, makes the rules!
Total Supply of 700 Million
Staked Apes gain daily emissions depending on rarity
$SOCIETY used to buy and upgrade frames
Craftsmen build decorative items that can be sold for $SOCIETY
Progressive Token Airdrops for Delisted Holders
$SOCIETY redeemable for merch
5% for Airdrops
10% for Community
3% Vested for team
Tokens spent on upgrades will be burnt
Classes & Perks
The Craftsmen are the fundamental building block of The Ape Society. No functioning civilization can exist without its skilled laborers. They are needed to build museums for the artists, weapons for the military officers, and ships for the explorers. Without their dedication to their craft, The Ape Society would not have grown into what it became.

Craftsman are able build non-frame items for the cabins, one at a time. These items include tables, seating, floors, walls, billiards, gramophones, storefronts, and more. Through their hard work, craftsmen can earn $SOCIETY through selling their wares at the market.

Craftsmen also receive rewards when staking their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1x.
The Artists bring entertainment to The Ape Society. For what good is work without any fun. Art forces people to look beyond the needs of survival and encourages the creation for the sake of expression and meaning. Through their art, music, theater, and sculptures, artists touch the hearts of every ape.

Artists receive one free frame in their cabins, in honor of their contribution. In addition, artists receive extra weight in Whitelist giveaway competitions.

Artists also receive rewards when staking their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.15x.
The Explorers scratch the itch of The Ape Society to venture beyond their homeland. Traveling over treacherous oceans, vast deserts, and even into the unknown of space, Explorers open the eyes of many and witness the sights most only can see in their dreams.

Given their nature of finding things first, explorers have their cost per frame reduced by 50%.

Explorers also receive rewards when staking their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.35x.
The Merchants fulfill the essential need of commerce. For any modern society, a banking system is needed to symbolize the value of labor, goods, and entertainment. Fully decentralized, the merchant class has kept the coffers of The Ape Society stocked for centuries.

Merchants receive 2% of revenue from non-frame items purchased and sold in The Ape Society Market, giving them incentive to continue their great work.

Merchants also receive rewards when staking their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.45x.
The Military Officers have long protected the walls of The Ape Society. Known as the most strategic and advanced group in all of the world, the officers have maintained peace and stability for the citizens. Even though The Ape Society is largely at peace, the Military Officers are prepared and equipped for times of war.

Military Officers claim distant lands, and have chances to receive free items and loot on their journey.

Military Officers also receive rewards when staking their Ape, with a base multiplier of 1.7x.
The Royal Advisors have always had the ear of the governing parties. Politics is a complicated game, and often can be the undoing of a society. Fortunately, The Ape Society has had a well educated and disciplined team of advisors since its inception.

Royal Advisors are able to use their positions of power to provide internships and opportunities for other apes. Holding a Royal Advisor will boost staking rewards for all other held apes by 1.2x.

Royal Advisors also receive rewards when staking their Ape, with a base multiplier of 2.35x.
The Nobles, also known as the de' Medici family, have always led The Ape Society. All direct descendants of Giambuono de’ Medici, they've inherited his wisdom and foresight. A family of consisting of largely extraterrestrial beings and the undead, they are full of mystery and legend.

Nobles receive a larger starting cabin upgrade compared to the other classes, with a few special assets built exclusively for them.

Nobles also receive rewards when staking their Ape, with a base multiplier of 7x.
The Kings are the leaders of each of the 35 families. The unique structure of families has always been a cornerstone of The Ape Society. Without the bond that has been created, and the heavy load of responsibility that has been shouldered by the Kings, the society would crumble.

Kings have access to The Round Table, an exclusive gathering of kings with a direct connection to the elusive Ape Force One.

Kings receive the perks of their class, in addition to 2.5% of all rewards of their respective family.
1 Day 13 Hours
- Exclusively for Craftsmen

- Each Craftsman can build one item at a time

- Items range from chairs to walls to billiards tables to fireplaces to stores and more

- Items can be kept or sold on The Ape Society market.  

- The market only uses $SOCIETY as currency.
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A cool ape
A cool ape