Effortless Lending, Instant Liquidity

Open to everyone on the Cardano blockchain and built by The Ape Society, Levvy is an innovative Peer-to-Peer NFT lending protocol that allows NFT owners to access instant liquidity from lenders at efficient market rates.

By fixing the interest rates and duration of loans within the protocol itself, Levvy allows lenders to compete on the value of the loan given for each asset, providing borrowers with the best loan opportunities while simultaneously making it the simplest and most attractive place for lenders to generate yield on their ADA.

Levvy Pro

Levvy Pro provides an enhanced experience for lenders and borrowers seeking additional features and benefits. By staking 7,500 $SOC tokens, users can upgrade to Levvy Pro, unlocking a broader range of capabilities.  

The upgrade process is conveniently accessible through a dedicated section within users' accounts, allowing them to stake or unstake their $SOC tokens with ease.

Levvy for Collections

By default, Levvy will include all collections with significant volume and demand. Creators do not have to take any action to have their NFTs on Levvy.

By staking 6,000,000,000 ADA/SOC LP tokens with Levvy, NFT creators and collections can receive a number of benefits within the platform. To stake, NFT founders must connect their wallets to our collection management system, verify their Twitter, and submit a royalty address.  Upon approval, they will become part of our Levvy for Collections program.