The Plunge
Stake. Interact. Win.

Open to everyone in Cardano, the Plunge is a unique take on the stake pools system located in Tasama City (district 21).

Our goal is to transform a stake pool into a liquid, lossless lottery system in which stakers have the opportunity to win a large share of the stake pool's rewards in each epoch.

However, unlike traditional stake pools that typically charge commissions ranging from 0-5%, our pool operates with a full 100% ADA commission.

The rewards from the block productions are then distributed among randomly selected winners, cabin holders in the landmark district, and to cover operational costs:

Reward receiver Reward distribution
Lottery Winners 60%
Cabin Holders* 25%
Stake pool’s operational costs 10%
$Society Token liquidity pool 5%

*The amount received will be converted to $SOCIETY and distributed among cabin holders of the Tasama City district.

How are random winners chosen?

For every 500k ADA staked, 1 (one) is randomly selected, and each epoch can have up to 10 (ten) winners max.

This means that if the staked amount exceeds 5M, the prizes allocated for each winner will keep getting bigger.

However, it is important to note that interacting with the Cardano ecosystem by purchasing any NFTs, swapping tokens, and more will increase your odds of winning by 1%.

COTAS passports and Stamps benefits

All Stamps for the Plunge landmark will increase the chances of winning the lottery, and a holder can level up the stamps after meeting the minimum requirements.Remember that you need to claim your stamps through the Citizens portal in order for them to take effect.

All users must upgrade levels one by one to reach the highest level.

**Golden Passport owners have all stamps maxed out by default.

How to stake in the plunge

  1. Open the Plunge website and click on "Connect Wallet"
  2. After connecting your wallet, click on "Stake To PLNGE" and follow the steps!

The Plunge's stake pool ticker is PLNGE and its ID is:


Read more about The Plunge in our Frequently Asked Questions.