“Fairness in Trade, Honor in Dealings”

House Amato is a respected Merchant Class family in the Ape Society. Originally part of bigger, aggressive apes who hoarded resources from weaker apes, they leveraged their stockpile to acquire the best assets. They were eventually offered a place in the budding society of the de'Medici horde, where they grew to be a respected merchant family known for their fair brands and storied history with the de'Medici family.


The Amato emblem of House Amato features a hippogriff, which symbolizes their agility, power, and cunning nature, as well as their ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. The three stars on the emblem represent the family's nobility and virtue, as well as their aspirations for continued success in the future.


The House Amato is a prominent merchant family in the Ape Society's districts in the capital city, where they trade in spices, textiles, and luxury goods. Their reputation for fairness, honor, and reliability has made them one of the most respected merchant families in the Ape Society.  Their legacy continues to thrive, with each new generation of Amatos upholding the family’s values and contributing to the prosperity of the Ape Society. Today, the House Amato remains a vital player in the economic landscape of the Ape Society, a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, savvy business practices, and a commitment to excellence.

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