“Into the Unknown, We Venture”

House de Balboa is an 'Explorer Class' family that traveled to this land to escape the hardships of the wild and have found their place traveling to new lands to do much of the same. The founders were apes who were skilled at exploring and mapping out new territories. In the family’s early days, the de Balboas were instrumental in clearing the valley and jungle of monsters in preparation for the construction of a vast capital city for all apes.


Their heraldry is an rampant lion with a sword drawn, atop of a dragon, symbolizing their courage, nobility, and ferocity in the face of adversity. The red backdrop symbolizes their strength when exploring unknown lands.


Today, House de Balboa's members continue to explore and map out new territories, charting the unknown and taming the wild. By charting the unknown, they have been instrumental in establishing new regions for pillaging or trade that other family’s covet.  They are well respected for their bravery and resourcefulness, and their through knowledge of uncharted lands is sought after by many in the ape society.

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