“Liberty in Law”

House Best is a renowned Artist Class family in the Ape Society, known for their creativity, originality, and their unwavering commitment to freedom and the rule of law.

Their family crest features two crosslet fitchy above a quintefoil flower, representing their steadfast faith and dedication to their craft. The ostrich atop the knight's crest symbolizes their wisdom and foresight, while their motto, "Libertas in legibus, "reflects their belief in the power of freedom within the confines of the law and regulation.

Throughout history, the Bests have been known for their contributions to various fields of art, including music, painting, and poetry. Their works are marked by their intricate detail, their beauty, and their emotional depth. Their passion for their craft and their dedication to originality have earned them the respect and admiration of their peers.  Their legacy is a source of inspiration for aspiring artists in the Ape Society and their unwavering commitment to excellence and freedom serves as a shining example for all who seek only “the best”, to influence the zeitgeist through their art.

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