“Work, Skill, Belief”

House Brown is one of the first Craftsman Class families of the Ape Society and the oldest ally of the Medici family. Their origins are closely tied to the Ape Society Nobles, with whom they have been steadfast allies through the generations. Their crest, adorned with the iconic Sword held aloft on the frontlines, is a symbol of the Browns' martial heritage and their unwavering commitment to the defense of their kingdom.  The twin eagles depicted on their crest represent the unity of House Brown and the de'Medici family, a bond that has proved unbreakable through the test of time.


Through their labors and legacies as craftsmen, the Browns have earned a reputation for creating works of high grade and skill. Their expertise in the trade is unmatched, and their goods are coveted by all who value quality and craftsmanship. When the kingdom has called upon its sons and daughters to take up arms and defend the realm, House Brown answers that call with bravery and valor. Their soldiers are renowned for their skill at arms and their unbreakable spirit. Not a battle of note in the history of the kingdom in which they have not played a decisive role.


House Brown stands tall as a symbol of the very best of the Ape Society. Bravery, Honor, Loyalty, Skill, Wisdom, along with their love of the city are all qualities to be admired and emulated. Through the centuries, House Brown has flourished, grown in strength and prosperity with each passing year, striving to be worthy of the legacy they have inherited, and the legacy they will one day pass down to the next generation of apes.

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