“Mapping the unknown, fortifying the future”

House Castillo is an 'Explorer Class' family with a unique history. Their founders were once isolated and turned away until they found their home with the de Medic Horde.  They often serve as scouts for the Ape Society, mapping out new territories and ensuring safe passage for travelers.

Their heraldry is a shield with a castle tower on the left side and a serpent wrapped around a tree on the other side. The castle tower in their heraldry represents their ancestral connection to building and fortifying structures, and it symbolizes their unwavering dedication to protecting their community. The serpent wrapped around the tree signifies their ability to adapt and overcome obstacles with cunning and determination.


In their contemporary role as 'Explorer Class' apes, House Castillo is known for their excellent cartography skills and their ability to navigate even the most treacherous terrain. They are also renowned for their expertise inbuilding and fortifying structures, due to their ancestral connection to the castle tower in their heraldry. As a family, House Castillo remains loyal and steadfast, continuing to serve the Ape Society with distinction.

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