Divitiae Ex Animo
“Wealth is but an Idea Away”

House Cataldi of the Ape Society’s Merchant Class is the oldest in the kingdom. Their merchant's roots hail from within the kingdom's forests. Their founders, tree-dwelling apes known for their quick wit and cheeky charm, took the Sacred Oaths of Giambuono's roundtable and chose the surname Cataldi of the High Tounge. Ever since the house of merchants stood steadfast beside the de'Medici family in battles of old, their name and brand have become synonymous with integrity and trust.


The Cataldi sigil boasts two stars, representing the founding apes who paved the way for future merchant factions to traverse the kingdom safely and unifying the various factions to build the districts of the city. The Golden Lion and Tree in the sigil represent the family's roots as tree-dwellers in the great oak tree forests and their royal alliance with Giambuono and his nobles of the de’Medici family. Rumors of their influence in regards to the financial system have yet to be confirmed. But asthe Cataldi saying goes, “Wealth is but an idea away”.


The Cataldi family merchants offer a wide variety of wares in conjunction with an impressive selection of agricultural products from the finest farms in the kingdom's forests. Their merchants are renowned for their ability to procure the freshest fruits, vegetables, and grains, as well as rare herbs and spices. In addition, they offer the finest carpentry products, including:  exotic woods, handcrafted furniture, and expertly crafted tools for skilled artisans. The entrepreneurs employ adept craftsmen to create some of the finest pieces in the realm. Cataldi’s are known to have a keen eye for what will sell and are always on the lookout for the finest wares and deals. Whether you're in the market for farm fresh produce or expertly chosen crafted products, House Cataldi has it all.  Come explore the inventory of House Cataldi and find what you are looking for.

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