Fortitudine et Scientia
“With Courage and Knowledge”

House Cortes is a family of experienced explorers who have traversed many lands and encountered various challenges along the way. Their founders were known for their aggressive tactics and attacks on locals to sweep the lands for loot and food. However, after being humbled by the apes of the Ape Society, they were given a second chance to use their skills for good.

Their family crest is a red cross, symbolizing their willingness to help others and spread their knowledge. The cross is surrounded by a blazing blue fire, representing their fierce determination and passion for exploration.


They use their skills and knowledge to help map out new territories and navigate dangerous terrain. They work closely with other families to provide valuable insights and advice on how to survive in the harsh and unforgiving world outside the City. While some may still question their past actions, House Cortes has proven themselves to be valuable members of the Ape Society. They are committed to using their skills and experiences to make a positive impact and shape the future of their community.

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