“Excellence Through Adversity”

House Davies is a proud and esteemed craftsman class family within the Ape Society. Davies’ stand as a paragon of excellence, whose skill and craftsmanship have earned them a place of honor throughout the City and its districts.  Founded by a group of apes who sought to escape the cruel grip of the opposing ape lords who sought to subjugate them.


Their family crest is a testament to their fortitude; featuring a fearsome dragon with an ape's hand clenched tightly in its jaws serves as a symbol of the Davies family's unyielding determination, are minder of the hardships they have faced and conquered on their path to success. Atop the crest perches a graceful dove, holding a rose in its beak, signifying the family's commitment to peace, beauty, and the finer things in life.


Generations of Davies have shown their gratitude to the founders who paved the way for their freedom, striving to maintain the legacy of their forebears through their unwavering commitment to excellence. Their goods and services are often sought by all who desire the finest quality. Their workshops are bustling centers of creativity, producing exquisite wares that have earned them a place of prominence in the City's economy.

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