de la Cruz
“Through Peril and Adventure”

House de la Cruz is a fearless Explorer Class family of apes known for their adventurous spirit and their history in the development of the region. The original apes of the family migrated to the region after breaking off from a shrewdness of complacent apes. These apes shared a dream to build a great civilization, but upon arrival found only thieves and warlords. Luckily, their scouting skills caught the attention of the 'de Medici' nobles when they bartered with the de la Cruz founders and struck a partnership.

The family crest features a shield divided into four sections: a golden cross representing their faith and commitment to their ideals, a sea lion with a lion’s head and fish body representing their seafaring skills and the coastal regions they have explored, a reef-type sailor’s knot that represents their expertise in navigating treacherous waters, and a ship's wheel that represents their leadership and determination. Above the shield is a six-pointed compass rose star, symbolizing their expertise in navigation and exploration.


In contemporary times, House de la Cruz continues to be at the forefront of exploration and discovery, leading expeditions into uncharted territories and making new alliances for the Ape Society.  They continue to explore uncharted territories on land and sea, discovering new resources and opportunities for the Ape Society. Their pioneering spirit and unwavering determination inspire younger generations of Explorer Class apes to follow in their footsteps.

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