"Fortune Favors the Prepared"

House Edwards is a renowned Craftsman Class family in the Ape Society, with a storied history dating back to its founders, who were known for their meticulous preparation and attention to detail. This reputation earned them a place of honor with Giambuon de Medici and ultimately led to the formation of their family.

The Edwards crest features a shield with a striking black & white lion, symbolizing the duality of their character -fierce and powerful, yet balanced and measured. This emblem also reflects their adherence to the principles of justice and fairness, which have guided their actions throughout the generations.

Today, House Edwards is known for their versatile skill set, excelling in a variety of crafts and trades. Their goods are highly sought after for their quality and reliability, and they are valued members of the Ape Society community. The Edwards family is committed to upholding the traditions and values of their forebears while also striving to innovate and adapt to the changing world around them.

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