Ad victoriam per exploratio
“To Victory Through Exploration”

House Garcia is a renowned Explorer Class family in the Ape Society, whose founders were known for their daring expeditions and thirst for adventure. Named after the traveling Alien Cartographer, “The Bear” Garcia the descendants of his followers and drafted descendants and drafted explorers carry on his legacy to teach survival techniques to other apes and brave the wilderness in an effort to explore new lands.


The Garcia crest features a black eagle with wings spread, symbolizing their soaring aspirations and sharp focus, with six drops of blood below, representing the sacrifices made in their quests for discovery. The eagle is surrounded by eight golden Xs are reminders of the many crossroads that the Explorers of the Ape Society come to in both life and their many adventures.


The Garcias have charted new territories, discovered unexplored lands, and brought back treasures that have enriched the Ape Society. They are respected for their bravery, skill, and their unwavering determination to push beyond known boundaries. Today, House Garcia remains at the forefront of exploration, uncovering new frontiers, and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

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