Virtus Semper Viridis
“Evergreen Virtue”

House Green is a prestigious family within the Ape Society,renowned for their mastery of working their region's resources and connectionto nature.


Their family crest features three stags on ashield, symbolizing their resilience and strength. The family's pedigree tracesback to the primal forests where their simian ancestors lived in primitive treestructures before joining Giambuono and his apes to build the city. In buildingthe city, members of the family honed their carpentry skills with the plentifultimber and learned other trades from their new friends.


Many members of the House Green family workalso as farmers to provide vital sustenance to the city and its people. Theirlove for the earth and dedication to their craft has made them a powerful andrespected family in the Ape Society. Through hard work and determination, theyhave built a vast network of friendships and business relationships to solidifytheir place as a noble and proud family. The House Green family's legacy isdeeply ingrained in the city's history and their influence will endure forgenerations yet to come.

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