House Hill is an Artist Class family in the Ape Society,known for their creativity and artistry. They’re apes that have lived in themore majestic parts of the region and are inspired by the natural beauty aroundthem. The Hill family founders are known for their exceptional artisticabilities and are respected in the community. Today, the Hill family remains ahighly respected and influential family of artists in the Ape Society.


The Hill family's coat of arms features acastle tower on the shield, symbolizing their steadfastness and dedication totheir craft. The tower on the crest of the knight's helmet represents thefamily's unwavering commitment to excellence and their determination to reachnew heights in their artistic endeavors. Adorned by a wreath atop the towersymbolizes their success and recognition within the artistic community. Thefamily motto, "Avancez," reflects their continuous push for progressand innovation in the world of art.


House Hill takes great pride in their artisticheritage and are dedicated to passing on their knowledge and skills to the nextgeneration of artists.  They have fundedart programs in schools, donated artwork to charity auctions, and contributedto the preservation of cultural heritage sites. The Hill family continues to bean essential part of the Ape Society's cultural fabric, inspiring and enrichingthe lives of those around them with their exceptional artistry.  The Hill family's dedication to their craftand their unwavering commitment to artistic excellence has made them anindispensable part of the Ape Society.

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