Spes tutissima coelis
“The most secure hope of heaven”

House King is an ever creative Artist Class family in the Ape Society, known for their originality, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the arts. Founded by a group of visionary apes who were determined to bring beauty and meaning to the world through their art, House King has a long and illustrious history. Over the years, they have made significant contributions to the fields of music, painting, and sculpture, among others. Their works are known for their emotional depth, their beauty, and their ability to touch the hearts and minds of all who experience them.

Their family crest features a regal lion holding a scepter, symbolizing their proud and confident spirit. The motto, "Spes tutissima coelis," reflects their belief in the power of hope to guide and inspire them in their artistic pursuits.

Today, the Kings continue to thrive, with many of their members making significant contributions to the contemporary art scene. Their legacy is a source of inspiration for aspiring artists in the Ape Society. Their unwavering commitment to excellence serves as a shining example for all who seek to create something beautiful and meaningful.

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