(Royal Advisors)
“Adapt and Conquer”

House Lavigne is an impressive group of apes that make up the illustrious Royal Advisor Class apes of the Ape Society’s duo of main consorts. Experts in all things survival, their instincts have been honed over generations of living in the remote areas of the Ape Society's territory.


The heraldry of House Lavigne features a grapevine on a gold shield, representing their ability to thrive in even the most challenging environments and produce the fruits of their labor. The grapevine is also a symbol of their connection to the land and their respect for the natural world. The family motto is "Adapt and Conquer", reflecting their ability to adapt to any situation and come out victorious.


House Lavigne is a powerful and influential family in the Ape Society, known for their wisdom, resourcefulness, and ability to navigate even the most complex of situations. They are skilled in finding food, water, and shelter in the most inhospitable environments. Despite their humble beginnings as hermits, House Lavigne has become a powerful and influential social family in the Ape Society. As trusted advisors to House de'Medici, they have proven themselves to be invaluable members of the Ape Society's ruling class.  Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances is unparalleled, and they have been known to find creative solutions to even the most daunting challenges.

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