(Military Officers)
“Vigilance and Valor”

House Maddock is a Military Officer Class family in the Ape Society's defense force. They were founded by a group of apes known for their protective nature towards the weaker apes, from bigger and stronger ones who frequently targeted them for their assets. They joined forces with the de'Medici horde when they arrived in the region, and together they drove the local threat out of the area. The Maddock family's strength and protective nature made them great for security and protection.


The family emblem of House Maddock depicts two rampant golden lions on a scarlet and navy shield symbolizing the family's strength and courage in battle, as well as their role as defenders and protectors of the weak.


In contemporary times, House Maddock remains a significant force in the Ape Society's defense force. Many of their members hold high-ranking positions in the City’s defense force,  representing their strength and valor on the battlefield. They are also known for their strict adherence to the code of honor, and for treating their enemies with respect and dignity.

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