(Royal Advisors)
Audeamus, Semper Augeamus
"Let us Dare, Always Excel"

House Monet is a prestigious Royal Advisor Class family that plays a crucial role in the Ape Society's districts in the capital city. Originally native to the region, House Monet's founders were known for their aggressive tactics towards grassroots de'Medici family members. However, the two sides found common ground and struck up a natural bond, leading to House Monet becoming trusted confidantes of the ruling apes.


Their family crest consists of six gold annulets arranged in two rows of three on a blue shield, symbolizing their prestige and royal affiliation. In contemporary times, House Monet continues to be deeply involved in the inner workings of the City's districts and holds esteemed positions of consultation to the noble House de'Medici. Their counsel is sought after by the ruling apes, and they play a crucial role in shaping the society's future.


Through their dedication to the Ape Society's growth, House Monet has earned a respected place in the community. Their ability to navigate the complexities of the City's politics and advise the ruling apes has helped to ensure the stability and prosperity of the society. Today, House Monet remains an important family in the Ape Society and is seen as a pillar of the community, committed to using their skills and knowledge for the betterment of all apes.

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