“Build Together, Never Yield”

House Roberts is a highly respected family within the Ape Society's Craftsmen Class with a long-standing reputation for skilled craftsmanship and dedication to their heritage. The family's pedigree can be traced back to the earliest days of the Society.  They have since established themselves as a leading force through their unwavering commitment to the Society's core values and their exceptional workmanship.


The family crest of House Roberts is a powerful symbol of the Ape Society's enduring spirit and ambition. Featuring an eagle perched atop a shield with three stars, symbolizes the society's core values of strength, wisdom, and courage. Their crest serves as a constant reminder of the family's legacy within the Ape Society and their steadfast commitment to upholding its values.


House Roberts is renowned throughout the Ape Society for their exceptional workmanship and skill in a variety of trades, including blacksmithing and weaving. Their dedication to producing high-quality work has earned them a trusted reputation for reliability and craftsmanship.  In addition to dedication to their craft, House Roberts is known for their battle prowess, answering the battlecry to fight at the forefront when called upon to defend their community.  The family's members are also experienced warriors, with the ability to put their battle prowess to use when the situation calls for it.  The combination of their craftsmanship and fighting skills has solidified their place as one of the foremost families in the community. House Roberts is a family that embodies the Ape Society's rich history, enduring spirit, and commitment to excellence. Through their dedication to the society's values, exceptional workmanship, and battle prowess, Roberts have established themselves as a leading force within the community. Their legacy will undoubtedly inspire generations to come as they remain steadfast in upholding the traditions of the Ape Society and defending their community when necessary.

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