“Excellence in All Things”

House Robinson is a family of apes with a rich and storied history within the Craftsman Class. Robinson clan rose from servitude and oppression to become respected members of the ape society by forging close relationships with the nobles and artisan workshops.  


The family crest of House Robinson combines elements of the past and present. The stag, a symbol of strength and nobility, remains at the center of the crest, surrounded by intricate details that reflect the family's artistry and skill. The Robinson’s crest is complemented with the family motto, "Excellence in All Things," which speaks to the Robinsons' commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Apes of House Robinson are a well respected and thriving family of skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to their craft and their community. Robinson craftsmen have become sought-after for their expertise, offering a range of services that few others can match.  They continue to contribute to the evolving culture of the ape society while their legacy inspires apes across the apetropolis.

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