”Precision in Craft, Strength in Protection”

House Smith is a Craftsman Class family of apes known throughout the City for their masterful work with metals. Their founders are refugees from the wastelands and quickly proved their worth to the de'Medici horde, becoming valued allies. Their skills with metalworking only grew in the City, where they honed their craft and became known for their intricate and beautiful designs.

Their heraldry is a reflection of their craft, with the trefoil crosses and fleur de lis representing the three elements used in metalworking: fire, water, and earth. The heron atop the crest represents the family's ability to catch their prey with precision and speed, just like their craftsman.

 Despite their fearsome name, the Smith apes are respected members of the Craftsman Class and are known for their patience, attention to detail, and willingness to teach others their craft. They are an important part of the Ape Society and help ensure that the City remains prosperous and well-protected.

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