"Built to Last, Crafted to Excel”

House Thomas is a Craftsman class family and revered institution of craftsman excellence in the realm, known for their devotion to the artisan trades.


Embodying the ideals of grace, power, versatility, hope, and joy that are synonymous with their house’s ideals, House Thomas’ family crest features two proud pegasi, a nimble seahorse, and three cinquefoil flowers. The Thomas family has a long and storied history rooted in the legacy of their founders; descendants of some of the original apes of the kingdom who settled in the city. Over the centuries, they have become a trusted and respected presence in all the city's trades, with their skilled work gracing many of its structures.


Members of House Thomas continue to uphold the legacy of their founders, maintaining their place as master craftsmen and artisans in the realm. They are known for their unwavering commitment to their craft, never missing an opportunity to hone their skills and perfect their art. Their reputation for quality and reliability has earned them the trust of the people as their brand is synonymous with excellence. House Thomas is a proud and steadfast presence in the realm, upholding the traditions of their forefathers, and ensuring that their legacy will continue to shine for generations to come.  Whether in battle or in the workshop, the apes of House Thomas are quick to back their fellow craftsmen, and they value the relationships they have built with other houses in the city. They are loyal and effective in their various trades and have become a vital part of the city's bedrock. The Thomas family's lasting legacy is a testament to the enduring spirit of their founders and their commitment to excellence in all aspects of their efforts.

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