“Crafting the Future with Precision and Skill"

House Taylor is a prominent Craftsman Class family that was founded to support the growing cloth trade in the Ape Society. Their founders were initially drafted to supplement into crucial jobs that were scaling out of control with the construction of the Districts. These new apes played a crucial role in the modernization of ape society.

The Taylor family crest features three black rampant lions, symbolizing the strength, pride, and resilience of their ancestors. The crest of the knight helmet is adorned with a black rampant lion, further emphasizing the family’s prowess in their craft that damans admiration from all who wear their garments.


The Taylor family has continued to play a key role in the major craftsman trades and have expanded their skills with each generation. To those who know the Taylor’s trade wares, they wouldn’t be caught dead without their attire.  Their dedication to quality and attention to detail have earned House Taylor a reputation as one of the finest craftsmen symbols in the kingdom.

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