(Military Officers)
“Always Prepared”

House Wright is a distinguished 'Military Officer' class family with a rich history of naval prowess. Founded by homegrown troops of apes in the City defense structure, they rose to prominence as expert sailing craftsmen and fought alongside the naval troops of apes.


Their coat of arms boasts three striking white leopard heads, symbolizing their ferocity and tenacity in battle. The leopard head atop the crest of the knight helmet serves as a constant reminder of their military roots. Their motto "Semper Parati" (Always Prepared)embodies their steadfastness and commitment to defend the City against any threat.


Today, House Wright continues to serve in the City's military, providing leadership and expertise in the naval forces. Their discipline, dedication, and loyalty make them a highly respected and valued family among the military officers. In their efforts to protect the residents of the city, they make sure that peace is kept, the Wright way.

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